Exploring Cancer

Exploring Cancer

Lets be honest, if these last couple of years have taught us anything, its that big pharma only cares about making money, peoples health be damned. They want our immune systems damaged so they can then sell us repeat treatments, as is now becoming apparent from the recent mRNA ‘vaccines’. Bill Gates’s experiment to block out the sun is likely for the same reason, to prevent us getting the vitamin D3 we need to activate our immune system. All under the guise of ‘global warming’. Scary stuff!

Cancer has been a growing problem over the years, but the last 12 months has seen a dramatic increase, so I thought I would look into some potential treatments.

To start us off, the following documentary provides some background to the disease. If it fails to play, just head over to bitchute and view it there.

“Cancer: The Forbidden Cures”

In the next short video, Dr Richard Urso explains how a study into Hydroxychloroquine inadvertently showed that chloroquine makes viruses attack cancer cells.

Sodium Bicarbonate Vs Cancer

There is a lot of information on the National Institutes of Health website regarding the use of Ivermectin & Quercetin to battle cancer. There is also increasing evidence that Menbendazole and Fenbendazole are also effective cancer treatments

Click here to go the NIH website.

In the UK, you can purchase the relevant product from the article above, at this link: https://fenbenlab.com/shop/

more to come……


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  1. Unbelievable! More evidence of the determination of Mr Global to make the world a worse place, not a better one!

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