The UniParty, Ukraine and George Soros, by Greg Rubini

Wherever there is political upheaval around the world, you will always find George Soros at the center of it all, every single time. But more about him further down.

430,000 Ukrainian soldiers died. Thanks to Joe Biden, Obama, John Kerry, McCain, Lindsey “Linda” Graham, Nuland, Jake Sullivan (HRC puppet), Zelensky, the CIA, DoD.

Zelensky prepared a new cemetery, which can hold 600,000 corpses.

1 Million dead is Joe Biden’s target.

Joe Biden, Nuland will fight until the last Ukrainian is dead.

Listen to what Lindsey Graham said, in Dec. 2017:
“2017 will be the year of offense”

The War in Ukraine had been planned by those Warmongers since 2014.
The target was to start the War against Russia in 2017.

2014 was the year of the CIA Coup in Ukraine.
Obama, Joe Biden, Nuland, Eric Ciaramella, John Kerry, John McCain were all involved in the Plan.

along with John Brennan (CIA Director) and Hillary Clinton, of course.

Make no mistake:
Jake Sullivan, the current National Security Advisor of Joe Biden is a puppet of Hillary Clinton.

Actually, Jake Sullivan was the campaign manager of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The CIA Coup in Ukraine was planned when HRC was Sec. of State.

The plan to use 800,000 Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder against the Russians was – and is – a UniParty project.

Here you have John McCain in 2014:

The UniParty project in Ukraine:
John McCain in Dec. 2016:
(with Lindsey Graham, Klobuchar, Yovanovitch)

The UniParty War project in Ukraine:
John McCain in Dec. 2016:
(with Lindsey Graham, Klobuchar, Yovanovitch)

with the then President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko

How is George Soros related to the War in Ukraine?

Because George Soros helped Obama, Joe Biden and the CIA in the 2014 CIA Coup in Ukraine, Soros provided money, and “protestors” for this.

George Soros is protected by the CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD.

Footage of the bloody 2014 CIA Coup in Ukraine:
(100 people killed by snipers)

More footage of the bloody 2014 CIA Coup in Ukraine:
(100 people killed by snipers):

You may thank George Soros, Obama and Joe Biden for this.

Do you still have doubts about George Soros involvement in Ukraine?

just listen to the guy:

Do you understand now why George Soros is protected by the CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD?

And who funded the “protestors” here in the US, in the summer of 2020?

The so-called “George Floyd protests”…

Guess who?
George Soros.

Just like he did in Ukraine in 2014.

Those “protests” were STAGE 2 of the Coup against Trump.

Notice any similarities?

We all know that Joe Biden is just a demented puppet.
Don’t we?

Who is really running the US?
Who is really running the show, since Jan. 2021?

Col. Doug Macgregor has the answer:

“Joe Biden is not in charge of anything”
“There are powerful forces behind him”
“I have been told that George Soros is running the show”
at 26:30
The entire interview with Col. Doug Macgregor above is worth a watch:
Pearls of Wisdom

“400,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers”
“Ukraine is an Organized Crime State”

I’ve been following Col. MacGregor, and watching his interviews, since Feb. 2022

Col. MacGregor has been a Military Advisor of President Trump in 2020

Col. Doug MacGregor MUST be appointed Secretary of Defense by President Trump in the next administration – since Jan. 20, 2025

Col. MacGregor is the only one who has the proper credentials,
and is 100% a True Patriot.

Don’t you agree?

George Soros said:
“I’ve made my life’s mission to destroy the USA.
I hate this country and I hate all of the people in it”

and now this monster is running the show…
(using Joe Biden as his puppet)

How do you feel about that?

By the way:
George Soros is NOT an American, he was born in Hungary.

His real name is Gyorgy Schwartz, and this monster is hellbent on destroying the USA.

Kari Lake, you should know this:

Katie Hobbs got $1.75 Million from George Soros,
through an “action group” named LUCHA:
The thug who STOLE your Governor seat is another George Soros puppet.


All the indictments against President Trump are related – in one way or another – to George Soros.
(Joe Biden is a Soros puppet)

George Soros played an important role in the 2020 Election Fraud which threw Trump from the Oval Office.

George Soros funded Antifa and BLM with Millions of dollars.

George Soros is involved in orchestrating the January 6 Trap, along with Nancy Pelosi, the FBI, DHS and the DNC.

Do you see the pattern?

Kiev, Ukraine 2014 and Jan. 6, 2021, Washington DC:
any similarity?

Ukraine 2014 and January 6:
any similarity?

Orchestrated disorders, to trigger a Coup d’Etat
(after an Election)
…in both cases.

…courtesy of George Soros
in both cases.
George Soros: an octopus with many tentacles…

Do you see the Pattern?
Do you see how it is all tied together?
– Ukraine, Arizona, Georgia
– the Antifa riots of 2020
– the Election Fraud of 2020 (The Coup)
– the Jan. 6 trap
– the bogus indictments of President Trump

and at the center of it all:
George Soros.

Do you know who controls the outcome of the Elections in:
– California (Los Angeles)
– Arizona
– Georgia
– Brazil
– Argentina
– Mexico
– Australia
– London (UK)
– Norway
– Belgium
– Estonia
– Honduras

George Soros.

There is even a Jewish Organization named:

“Jews Against Soros”.

This is what they say:
“We are Jews who have had enough of George Soros and his malign, leftist influence on American politics”

Their website:

This is what they say:
“We are Jews who have had enough of George Soros and his malign, leftist influence on American politics. We are Jews who are also sick and tired of the left accusing anyone who criticizes Soros of being antisemitic.

Let us be very clear:
There is nothing antisemitic about condemning George Soros.

There is nothing antisemitic about identifying the many ways that George Soros and his network of organizations fund the radical left.

Leftism isn’t Judaism, and being anti-leftist is not the same as being Antisemitic. Period.

It’s time for Jews all over America to stand up against George Soros”

Check out the documents from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, in the ‘files & folders’ section on our File Vault page.

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