The admin building in Kharkov was militarized by Azov

Despite what the media is saying, this city administration building in Kharkov was militarized, it had been taken over by Azov battalion who had been using it as a recruiting station & a weapons cache.

Azov recruitment were asking for people with combat experience – but also for women to come help with food, so that’s probably why Russian forces struck before recruitment started. Azov recruitment posted the advert on their telegram channel here:

So, to summarize, the strike hit:

1) a legitimate military target
2) a recruitment station set up by psychopathic war criminals
3) was timed specifically to avoid hitting women & civilians
4) killed no one

It’s worth pointing out that Russia announces the general area an attack will be happening in the hope that civilians will vacate the area. Put Ukraine’s media are not broadcasting it. For example, the TV station in Kyiv.

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