Lara Logan interview (Real America’s Voice)

Lara Logan dropping truth bombs on Real America’s Voice. A Must Watch!


Lara Logan is the former CBS reporter that was brutally gang raped while reporting from Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt on Feb. 11th 2011.

More truth from US Colonel MacGregor says:

  1. Russian army was “too gentle”, but now “will complete everything” within 10 days.
  2. Zelenskyy is “delusional” & a “puppet”. He should’ve kept Ukraine neutral instead of trying to join NATO.
  3. Almost all claims coming out of Ukraine is nothing but propaganda.

French Journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel reporting from Donbass

Anne-Laure Bonnel, a French war reporter currently in Donbass, exposes the bitter truth about the conflict in Ukraine. The Ukrainian army are shelling/bombing their own people and this has been ongoing for the last 8 years. More than 13,000 Ukrainian citizens have been killed during that time.

GMTV caught spreading false information yet again!

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