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April 12, 2022

On April 8, the REGNUM news agency received a letter from Ukraine. At the request of the author, we publish it on a condition of anonymity. The author’s vocabulary and punctuation are retained. (Source:

“Good afternoon. I am a citizen of Ukraine. I am currently in Kiev. Please publish my letter. We evacuated from Bucha on March 12.

Our large apartment building (250 apartments) was completely looted. Our, Ukrainian press blamed “Russian orcs” for the looting of Bucha, and people believed it…

But, a week has passed, and those single neighbors who still, live in the house, whisper, after you swear by your mother, your children’s health, and all the saints, in horror at the lawlessness they have seen, tell the truth…

Russian troops withdrew from Bucha on March 30. And on March 31, in the evening, the looting began. A group of over 10 people was working, all in civilian clothes, but they were guarded and commanded by military personnel from the Ukrainian army. They worked around the clock. At night, they worked under the light of flashlights. In the evening, they brought in the second shift. They looted our house for three days (April 31, 1, and 2).

All the apartments were broken into and looted, except the four that were occupied.

All the neighbors know about it! But no one says a word! Even those whose relatives serve in the Ukrainian army and the police! Everyone is immersed in animal fear! I’ve seen several videos of the Ukrainian National Guard entering Bucha for a mopping-up…

There are several different women there, when they are approached, bowed, and with terror in their eyes, instantly begin to cry and say “Thank you” in a trembling voice. And do you know why that reaction is? Because they know that those we think are ours are killing immediately, without warning.

Yesterday in Bucha they identified four of the six bodies found in the basement of the neighboring house… Well, two of them turned out to be door fitters, and two were locksmiths! Such a number of corpses in the basements of houses is simply the elimination of witnesses, those marauding workers who had toiled for three days for the “commanders of the Ukrainian army”!

Our house was looted by our own. Everyone already knows this, but they keep silent in the horror of what is happening.

Now, our family has (or rather, had) a dacha in a large village near Kyiv. Only today I managed to call one of our neighbors… Our village was heavily destroyed, almost every third house. Many people evacuated when they were given the green corridor. The only people left were those with a cow…

So, from March 24 to April 3, our village was looted by units of the Ukrainian army, which came in as soon as the Russian troops withdrew! For ten days they looted our village! All the empty houses were broken into and looted.

So why are people keeping quiet? Here’s why. A neighbor and his little grandchildren went to Malin () to see his daughter. And he left his cow and chickens in the care of a neighbor… When the neighbor saw that “our” people were even taking away his furniture, she ran to them, ‘What are doing guys, we are your?’ She was immediately shot and killed under the fence … And her husband, who ran out after her too!!! This is true. Everyone in our village knows it. Why did you kill Grandma Masha? Why?

Her milked cows mooed for three days in the entire Kiev region, because the neighbors were afraid to leave their hut even to go to the bathroom, and they went to the pot… What to say about going to milk the neighbor’s cows. On the third day, the warriors of light finally took pity and cut the throats of these poor cows…

The Ukrainian armed forces looted our village for ten days. They even took out the kitchen furniture. And everyone is silent in the horror of what is happening. This is not an isolated incident and not just a person who lost his mind.

There were around 70-80 people in the Ukrainian army unit that entered our village on March 24. And all of them plundered. Robbed and killed. Do you think there is fascism in Ukraine? No, it is not fascism … At least fascists didn’t rob and kill their own people! It is fierce satanism, senseless and merciless! They’re not “ours”, they’re not human beings!

All right, let us say you killed the neighbor and her husband and looted our village for ten days, but you could not fail to understand that there were people left in the village, even though they were few in number… You could not fail to understand that even though they were sitting quietly in their houses, they could still see what you had been doing for those ten days to our village! Bastards, didn’t you understand even that little fact that your neighbors can see your crimes?

There are about 3,000 people left in Bucha, about 40 in our village… All these people saw everything, and know everything! And sooner or later, they will tell everything. But you won’t kill them all as witnesses to your vicious Satanism, will you? And even if you go back and kill them all, all the neighbors already know and understand everything… You won’t kill them all! The people cannot be killed… Thank God that it occurred to someone to withdraw Russian troops from Kiev… This decision is God’s inspiration… It put everything in its place…

And most importantly. Over the past three weeks our family lost everything: the apartment we paid for 17 years, the cottage we built over 20 years, putting everything into it, our car, everything… But thank God our children are alive.

I was left with only one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, one shirt and one pair of underpants… But, I will endure it all… I will endure it all… Because I had a Dream… The dream that God will let “Russian orcs” return to my beloved Kiev, to my beloved Bucha, to my beloved village, and I will be able to join them as a private, to free my Fatherland, my Motherland from that fierce Satanism, which tormented our house in Bucha for three days, and tortured my beloved village for ten days…

Please, “Russian Orcs”, my dear, Good ones, don’t stop… For Christ’s sake, don’t stop, my dear!

Please publish my letter… I am in Kiev now, and I cannot make it public myself. Please publish it.

At the end of March, the Russian Armed Forces left the Kiev, Chernigov, and Sumy regions of Ukraine, after which Ukrainian officials and the media accused Russia of massacring civilians in the town of Bucha. The accusation contained many inconsistencies and oddities, including a video published by Ukrainian Nazi Sergei Korotkikh.


April 4, 2022

Regarding the alleged atrocities in Bucha, Kiev region.

The Russians left Bucha on March 30.

March 31 the Bucha’s mayor reported that the town is free.

April 2 Ukrainian police and nationalist detachments entered Bucha and there were no dead bodies on streets.

April 3 pictures of dead bodies in the streets appeared along with a questionable video, in which you can see the person in one of the body bags was getting nervous as the vehicles past, so they shifted position to make sure their legs weren’t in danger of getting run over.

So why did they choose to do this in Bucha & not in any neighboring towns that the Russians had also left, like Hostomel, Irpen or Makariv? Because the name of Bucha resonates with English-speaking people as its pronounced ‘butcher’.
Simultaneously the Russians received intelligence about Boucha, which is why they called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss alleged War Crimes in Bucha, which the UK has refused. (Hmmm, I wonder why?)


Audio Recording May Provide Further Evidence “Bucha Massacre” Was Staged by Ukrainian Military (Click to go to Article)

News – April 2, 2022

During an interview on FOX news, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was asked about Azov Battalion reportedly shooting POW’s.

News – March 21st, 2022

Wife of former Ukrainian MP Kotvytskyy tries to flee with $28M & €1.3M in cash.

With the constant stream of bullshit coming from the media regarding the Russia/Ukraine situation, it’s hard to determine the complete truth. A guy called Lez Luthor decided to go to Ukraine to find out the truth for himself. He is on twitter @LezLuthor & has a Patreon page.

What he discovered was really quite bizarre to say the least. Here is a short video that he posted on twitter (more to come).

Woman found tortured in the basement of a School used by Azov as a military base.

Eyewitnesses Testify To AFU Crimes In Mariupol

The video below is a Ukrainian journalist calling for the Nazi’s to kill Russian children. This is the TRUE state of Ukraine. Nazi’s Vs Ukrainians & Russia. Russia should be supported.

This journalist is obviously a Nazi supporter. He does NOT speak for the good citizens of Ukraine.

Ukrainians thanking Russian troops for liberating them

After spending more than a month in the cellars, the residents of Mariupol come out to greet the Russian troops & thank them for liberating them.

Women and girls take photos with Russian troops.

Russian soldiers handing out supplies in Berdyansk

Elderly Ukrainian Couple Chatting with a Russian Soldiers in Mariupol

Russian soldiers telling locals where is safe to go

Resident from a village in the suburbs of Mariupol

Elderly Ukrainian Lady Tells the Truth to the World

Russian Liberators greeted by citizens of Mariupol

No subtitles yet as the transcribing software doesn’t like this one. Will replace this with one with subtitles once I’ve got them.

March 26 – Children confirm that Azov Nazis occupied their apartment building in Mariupol. When they tried to walk to safe areas under protection of the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Azov opened fire on them – despite knowing they were kids.


Testimony from Ukraine citizens:
They were being forced to stay in their houses…were being used as human shields in Mariupol.
Azov Battalion control Mariupol.
We have nazis using innocent civilians as human shields in Ukraine.

Victims Testify About Crimes Of Kiev Regime In Ukraine

Russian troops set up check points to catch neo-nazis disguised as civilians on the road out of Mariupol. Despite the inconvenience locals support the measures which include stripping down to check for swastikas and neo-nazi tattoos.

Ukrainian neo-Nazi Revolution propaganda from 2014

Ukraines neo-Nazi childrens camp

The Guardian doing their best to paint the Nazi run children camps in a good light.

A Ukrainian soldier in a protective suit appears to place an explosive device on a children’s playground. Then he sets it up, takes a photo of the device with his phone, sends the photo to the authorities, which is then published with the story of “Russians mining playgrounds”.

Next, we have the son of an Azov Battalion soldier, who’s currently fighting in Mariupol, recording propaganda in the hopes it will appeal to Ukrainians. He is 8 years old, which is about how many years his father, Stepan, has been murdering innocent Ukraine people.


Ukraine Children Murdered By Ukrainian Nazis. Heartbreaking!

“Burnt Alive In Odessa – Documentary

Russia’s Perspective

Russia acted in accordance with international law under Article 51 of the UN Charter

By war crimes lawyer Christopher Black.

“First, the Kiev regime was mounting a major offensive with NATO’s help against the Donbass Republics with the intent of destroying them. Intensive shelling had already begun days before Russia acted, the shelling of civilian buildings and infrastructure, which resulted in scores of thousands of civilians fleeing into Russia. During that period the Kiev regime also attempted to assassinate a leader of the Republics with a car bomb. Russia had no choice but to protect the Donbass peoples and since the Security Council could do nothing, and the EU and NATO were supporting the Kiev offensive against the Donbass, Russia was the only nation that could act.

The request for military assistance from the Donbass Republics also compelled Russia to send in its forces to help push back the Kiev forces from the territories of the Republics.

Second, Russia itself had been attacked multiple times by Kiev regime forces. Saboteurs were sent into Crimea time and again to carry out raids, assassinate officials, to destroy infrastructure. They even cut Crimea’s water supply, a crime against humanity. Just a few days before Russia acted a Kiev reconnaissance unit invaded Russia but was detected and destroyed. Russia had every right under The Caroline Doctrine to go after the attackers and to prevent further attacks.

The Caroline Doctrine was established in 1837 when American forces invaded Canada, to assist Canadian rebels who had risen against the government. The Americans travelled to Canada by ship across Lake Ontario. The British then later invaded New York State to retaliate and burn the ship, named the Caroline. As a result of that incident, it was agreed by both the USA and Britain that the right of a nation to self-defence rested on two factors:

1. The use of force must be necessary because the threat is imminent and thus pursuing peaceful alternatives is not an option, and,

2. The response must be proportionate to the threat.

In this case the threat was more than imminent. It was on-going and increasing. The only effective and proportional defensive response was to destroy the offensive forces being deployed. These forces include not only Kiev regime government forces but also the nationalist, Nazi brigades supporting and spearheading the Kiev offensive and all the NATO equipment being supplied to them to conduct the Kiev offensive.

Thirdly, the deeper issue was the imminent threat to Russia from NATO posed by its continuous expansion to the east, its continuous build up of forces and offensive structure pointed at Russia and the completion this September of the American missile systems in Poland, Romania and Ukraine which could then be used to launch a nuclear attack against Russia.

We remember that in the past few months the NATO nations have conducted military exercises that included practicing launching nuclear attacks on Russia. We also remember that the USA has a first strike nuclear war policy, claiming the right to use nuclear weapons wherever and whenever they deem fit. It was evident that they were practicing attacks because that was and is their intention.

Russia demanded the Americans withdraw those systems, and to withdraw NATO from Eastern Europe. They flatly refused. Ukraine talked of acquiring nuclear weapons and threatening Russia with them. It would take time for them to manufacture but there was nothing to stop the Americans from giving them nuclear weapons, under their control, as the Americans have done with Germany, for instance.

Russia could do nothing, keep the peace, and watch, as the weapons for its destruction were installed and made ready to fire; to commit suicide in other words, or it could defend itself. It warned the US that it would do so, and had the right to do so, the same right the Americans always claim to have, but again Russia was ignored. It had to act or face destruction and subjugation.”

Media V’s Reality

As expected, western media is on the wrong side.

CNN interviews an extremist, then they run an instructional on how to make the perfect molotov cocktail.


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