We Need to Talk about Midazolam

They killed with kindness, placing their trust in those in senior health care positions that set the protocols for this brand new virus.

This is a very disturbing documentary from @MaajidNawaz 

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They believed these people knew best & followed the step by step guidance. They did this believing they were providing the very best care for those under their protection.

They did it following Government & NICE protocols and to this day, the vast majority still don’t understand that the protocols they followed ensured that the pathway set out in those protocols led to their patient’s demise.

Instead, they think they helped their patient’s pain and distress as the COVID Virus followed the path they had been informed it would take.

They watched as it systematically destroyed their patient’s ability to breathe.

There is documented information from UK Government, NICE and the NHS in relation to triage and medical interventions for dealing with COVID in the community after March 2020.

This evidence shows how the UK Government, backed by senior members of the NHS, put in place COVID triage protocols that stopped elderly & disabled people gaining access to hospital treatment. Not only that, through its critical care guidance matrix and NICE’s COVID-19 rapid guidelines NG163, that the triage route was deliberately designed to lead to an elderly, or disabled persons death.

The instruction manuals sent out to Heath Care Professionals gave specific details on medications that are to be used on COVID positive vulnerable people being cared for in the community. They specifically said the use of Midazolam would help COVID+ patients in the community that had breathing difficulties, or were anxious, agitated or showed signs of delirium.

Midazolam is used in lots of different medical situations, in ICU it’s specifically useful in allowing patients to be ventilated. The dosage levels are the critical issue, just as taking 1 paracetamol is safe, taking 500 will have a very serious consequence.

At this dosage level patients need constant monitoring. Midazolam comes with this warning ‘Midazolam injection may cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems such as shallow, slowed, or temporarily stopped breathing that may lead to permanent brain injury or death’. Respiratory depression will allow fluid to accumulate in the lungs, it presents symptoms very similar to COVID Pneumonia.

Health care staff that followed these procedures were told, once a COVID+ person has breathing difficulties, add Morphine and increase dosage of both.

Someone in charge knew this would create a self-fulfilling prophecy, some would call this a “medical intervention paradox”.

The HCP’s are informed that COVID in the frail or disabled will probably end with the rapid onset of breathing difficulties and end in COVID Pneumonia. Providing them these drugs will ease the pain and help with their journey.

Paradoxically, the drugs created the journey.

The most damning part of the information are the dosage levels.

Dosage for operations, or pre ventilation are at a reduced levels to those recommended for people that are elderly in care and anxious. Who wouldn’t be anxious if you had been removed from hospital, dumped into a care, told you had deadly COVID & couldn’t see your family?

In fact the levels recommended are exactly the same as the step by step instruction manual of how to end someone’s life, as described in the COVID End of Life document developed by a senior member of an NHS Trust in Birmingham.

Why was an elderly, or disabled person who was anxious, placed on the same Midazolam dosage levels as End of Life “Kill You Quickly” Levels?

I believe the HCP’s have done their best, they followed all the instructions from Government, GP’s & NICE, that told them what medical interventions to use with this brand new virus.

They were told it was a novel illness & told this is how you treat people.

They looked at the poor People they had placed on Midazolam & saw exactly what they were told they would see;

A rapid decline, leading to COVID Pneumonia & death.

They thought they’d done a caring job, easing pain and distress by following the protocols and administering the drugs. Never for one moment realising they had caused the death of the people they passionately wanted to care for.

HCP’s have been taken in by this monstrous lie, they looked for advice & guidance from those above them. They were handed down a step by step guide, a box ticking, catch all medication protocol that ensured the people in their care died.

Those that designed & implemented these protocols are modern day Joseph Goebbels.

In my mind, the HCP’s that unwittingly followed these protocols are victims in this heinous crime.

Once the realisation sets in, I’m sure many will require help.


Protocol to remove Elderly & Disabled from hospital settings back in to the community https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/911541/COVID-19_hospital_discharge_service_requirements_2.pdf

Protocol stopping Elderly & Disabled from gaining Hospital Care


COVID Decision Support Tool (Scoring Matrix)

Investigation of mass DNR orders within the community that automatically placed please on EOL care pathway:


NICE Protocol NG 163 a step by step instruction manual on dealing with COVID + people in the community


NICE Protocol NG163 a step by step manual on how to kill someone because they are feeling anxious


NHS Protocol on how to assist someone at EOL with COVID. Notice the dosage levels are the same as being anxious in NG163


NICE General Dosage level advice (Not COVID care in the community) & Side effects


Here is a disturbing factual account of how people were murdered with MIDAZOLAM

“A Good Death” (if below video wont play, go to here)

Matt Hancock and in the UK Government discussing the use of MIDAZOLAM to ensure “A Good Death”

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