Uprising Against The Globalist Agenda

Starting with the Netherlands

This is a map of the blockades that are happening in the Netherlands right now.

Dutch farmers doing their bit…

…burning hay bales in the middle of the highway, near Apledoorn, Netherlands.

Become ungovernable, it is the only way out of this mess. This is just the beginning!.

Reports and video of Police in Heerenveen are shooting at unarmed farmers as they protest governments green policies & the globalist WEF agenda.

Undercover police tried to infiltrate the protests, but they got caught.

Bare shelves in Netherlands following governments orders to shut down farms and cattle ranches to comply with the Marxist Climate Change Hoax restrictions, requiring the country to cut 60% of its Nitrogen usage.

The Netherlands is becoming a dictatorship. PM Rutte and Kaag say to the Dutch people: “You will own nothing and you’ll be happy”, the slogan of the WEFs ‘Great Reset’. Both Rutte and Kaag are loyal members of the WEF. 

The ‘great reset’ agenda only serves to benefit the loyal corporations & agents of the World Economic Forum, everyone else will struggle immensely, much like the average joe does in Venezuela currently.

A local from Eindhoven tweeted “Tausende und Abertausende Menschen unterstützen wie hier in Eindhoven die protestierten Bauern. Die Solidarität ist überwältigend!”

Translates to;

“Thousands and thousands of people are supporting the protesting farmers, like here in Eindhoven. The solidarity is overwhelming!”

Dutch Farmers

People in Argentina are beginning to rise up.

Huge crowds took to the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Now mass protests have started in India, protesting against inflation & government for pushing the World Economic Forum Agenda.

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