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BREAKING NEWS, 14 December 2022: 

A prominent leader of the British Heart Foundation has conspired to cover-up research linking mNRA jabs with heart inflammation, says Andrew Bridgen MP.

Only 4 other MP’s bothered to turn up, shows you how little they care about the population they’re meant to be serving! Those running government already know these mRNA injections are NOT safe, would be naive to think otherwise

From the same session, Maria Caulfield MP says “I would completely debunk this conspiracy theory that there are a whole bunch of people benefiting financially from the roll out of this vaccine”.

That is an outright LIE.


PPE & OTHER CONTRACTS like this one.



Here is the full clip of Andrew Bridgen MP, speaking in the House of Commons.

Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry funds over 80% of the regulatory body that legally passes drugs as safe for the public in the UK?

The facts remain:

Hydroxychloroquine worked from the beginning.

Ivermectin worked from the beginning.

Vitamin D also worked from the beginning. 

(Vitamin D study: 2 links down)

The Government, doctors, healthcare services and vaccine companies have been lying to us from the very beginning. D notices were issued to the media, a reporting Deception that forces the use of government sanctioned misinformation, any contrary or conflicting information must be Distorted, Distracted from or Deflected. Hence why its called ‘D’ notice. Anyone that drew attention to these treatments were censored, banned, defamed & slandered. Medical trials were sabotaged & faked, then published in medical journals to discredit them. Millions of people have died and suffered unnecessarily.

They lied because ’emergency use authorisation’ cannot be declared if effective treatments already exist.

They lied because without ’emergency use authorisation’, vaccines require safety & effectiveness trials to be conducted, would have taken years.

They lied because this was always just about the vaccines.

They must ALL face justice!

And don’t forget, COVID-19 has NOT been proven to exist.

If Vitamin D is associated with a circa 30% reduction in covid mortality (see article below) would that make it MORE effective than the injections, without the side effects?

Yes it would, so even Vitamin D is more effective than the dangerous jabs.

Governments already knew this, which is why they tried to keep us locked in our homes away from the sun, our primary source of vitamin D.

On the World Integrated Trade Solution website they had listed ‘COVID-19 Diagnostic Test instruments & apparatus’ listed from 2018. But just after the start of the scamdemic, they changed it.

However, it can still be viewed on webarchive, click the image below to see.

I knew the false positive rate was high, but 42% really takes the piss. Getting angry yet?

Here is a recent report from 'One America News Network' 

This poor woman received the dual COVID & Flu shot in the first week of September 2022.

A couple of days later she woke up with blood shot eyes and has gotten progressively worse since. This is truly horrendous!

According to the Globalists, those ‘vaccinated’ with the mRNA jab, are no longer “Homo Sapien“, they’re a new species, called “Homo B Orgenesis“.

Note; Heiko von der Leyen, the husband of Ursula von der Leyen (of the EU) is the medical director of a US biotech company called ‘Orgenesis’, that apparently specializes in cell based vaccines, Orgenesis is a subsidiary of Pfizer. Maybe worth looking into.

From the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research.

On a lighter note, here is

“a message to the unvaccinated…”


State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo Issues New mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance.

The analysis can be found here:

BREAKING NEWS October 11th:

During a European COVID-19 hearing, Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, Janine Small, admits that the ‘vaccine’ was never tested on preventing transmission.

“Get vaccinated for the safety of others” was always a lie, a lie that kept families apart, a lie that help fuel contempt against the unvaccinated & a lie that helped coerce millions of people into being vaccinated.

The ONLY purpose of the COVID passport was to force people to get vaccinated.

All the governments around the world worked together with big pharma and big tech to deceive the general public into taking the COVID shot.

There must now be criminal investigations and trials. If not, we do not have rule of law.

Globally, the COVID ‘vaccine’ has caused unimaginable Carnage:

20 Million Deaths

2 Billion Serious Adverse Reaction

See related article

Bodybuilding legend, Doug Brignole sadly passes away at age 63.

The official cause of death is yet to be released, but Doug’s passing adds to the ever expanding list of ‘vaccinated’ pro athlete’s that are no longer with us. 

Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist from the UK was interviewed by Laura Ingraham where he said the following: “‘I find it very difficult to believe that Pfizer executives didn’t know this was going to cause significant harm. If this is the case then this is a global scandal.”

These are clots that were removed from dead bodies of ‘vaccinated’ people by an undertaker/embalmer.

The first slide below shows healthy blood cells from a normal, unvaccinated person.

The second slide is from a patient who submitted to the experimental COVID injections. The highlight cell is one of the few healthy blood cells left. The long fibers are graphene, which lead to massive blood clots.


European Parliament Covid Committee – The Game is up.

1p36 gene deletion is another serious side effect mentioned in the court ordered Pfizer data drop. It wipes out the ability to have critical thought.

Only in Canada, at least for now.

“Unvaccinated patients have a mental problem and should be put on psychiatric medications.”

Ok, so its not only Canada. This actually happened in Switzerland 2020.

Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Binder placed in psychiatric hospital for opposing COVID vaccine.

When will the masses finally understand, the Nazi’s were never defeated, they simply changed tactics. That has never been clearer than it is today, our governments are controlled by Third Reich via Davos & the WEF. 

“You will obey!”

“You must accept our narrative, or you shall be imprisoned or medicated and sent to a mental institution”.

This is a ‘MUST WATCH’ documentary:

‘Safe & Effective: A Second Opinion’

A ‘no nonsense’ documentary that manages to stick to the facts, without infringing upon the ‘conspiracy theory’ realm.

Streptococcus A

With the number of cases of ‘Streptococcus A’ rising dramatically among children in the UK, I cant help thinking ‘well that’s what happens when you wear a bacteria breeding ground on your face all day’.

As you can see from the article below, Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria (as well as others) were present in the masks worn by 6 children. This was back in 2021, so we knew what to expect once people were immunocompromised.

The dangers of mRNA ‘vaccines’ have been known about for years!

Just considering ALL the new evidence from clinical studies & the global increase in mortalities & a whole multitude of different illnesses, this is pure evil!

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