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Putin doesn’t hold back in this scathing speech about the west. As per usual, everything he says is the absolute truth.

General Konashenkov:

“Several statements from the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding foreign mercenaries have been collected:

Since the beginning of the special operation, 11,675 foreign mercenaries from 84 countries have officially arrived to participate in combat actions in Ukraine.

In light of the failure of another wave of mobilization in Ukraine and with the aim of concealing the catastrophic losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Kiev regime has intensified recruitment efforts in Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern countries to attract foreign mercenaries.

Currently, there are still 2,029 mercenaries active within the ranks of the AFU.

In the past month, Ukraine has launched recruitment of mercenaries in Argentina, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iraq, and in areas of Syria controlled by the United States.

The majority of foreign mercenaries, over 2,600 individuals, have arrived in Ukraine from Poland.

The recruitment of foreign mercenaries by Kiev is carried out with the assistance of Western intelligence agencies, primarily the CIA.

Commanders of AFU units operating on the frontlines are not held accountable for losses among mercenaries.

Due to a significant decline in interest from Poland and the United Kingdom, Kiev has intensified recruitment activities in the United States and Canada.”

Video of General Konashenkov’s statement to the press:

A Ukrainian prisoner of war that surrendered last year in Mariupol, was given the opportunity to meet with their family in Donbass.
Some of them told of how they wanted to surrender at the very beginning, but were afraid of Azov Nazis shooting them in the back.

It was not an easy job to organize the meeting with the relatives, it took time to find them all and to organize the necessary security, many thought these soldiers were missing in Ukraine.

Again we see how the Russians treat prisoners of war with humanity, something that cannot be said about the other side.

Video (without subtitles, sorry):

Turns out Roseanne Barr is Ukrainian, i never knew that. She tells Piers Morgan some cold hard facts about Ukraine’s Nazi problem, and how they murdered her entire family, buried them alive.

Russian pranksters phone Henry Kissinger, pretending to be Zelensky, they asked him:

“Who do you think is guilty of the Nord Stream explosion?”

Henry Kissinger replies:

“I thought you were.”

An abandoned Ukrainian soldier found by Russian forces, tells his story. 

He was mobilized and forced to go to war.

The Ukrainian Army have run out of troops, there’s only the ‘higher ups’ & a handful of cowardly foot soldiers left, so now they’re sacrificing civilians by sending them to the frontline.

This has been corroborated by earlier video’s that we’ve seen, civilians being seemingly accosted on the streets & strong-armed into vehicles by militant foot soldiers. This has been happening for at least 2-3 months.

Former Australian Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi, on Ukraine.

“Ukraine is the center of the deep state. It’s the head of the snake and Vlad’s taking the head off.”

“Ukraine has been the center of the globalists for decades and decades…The CIA has been working in the Ukraine for 70 years.”

“Ignore all the chatter about nuclear war and Russia’s attempts to take over the globe. Its completely the opposite. Do your own research and stop watching the mainstream media.”

He absolutely nailed it!

A Canadian mercenary testified that the church in Kiev was used as a military base.

“It was used as a military base while the priests were there and the church was active!”

Ukrainian Nazis turn schools, churches and hospitals into military bases and then use the deaths of innocents to emotionally manipulate the Western public into supporting their government’s decision to increase military and financial support for the Kiev regime.

Another things that’s been off about Ukraine, is whenever the media play footage from there, that same clip will be used by media entities all over the world. There are never any variations from other people, at different angles. Its like that clip was created / produced to send out around the world. Well, at least they have stopped trying to pass off computer game footage of war.

An apartment was destroyed by Ukrainians as they shelled Donetsk. The woman who lived there has lost everything but her life, which was spared because she was working at the time.

Every day is a sad lottery for Donetsk residents, they’ve been experiencing similar attacks on & off over the last decade, and the only person that seems to care about it, is President Putin.

The excellent General Mike Flynn delivers some cold, hard facts on Ukraine:
  • It’s a hub for human trafficking.
  • It’s a hub specifically for child trafficking.
  • It’s a hub for narcotics trafficking.
  • It’s a hub for weapons trafficking.
  • It’s money laundering
  • We already know about our bio labs…

You name it, they’re doing it.

The Zelensky regime used an American-supplied HIMARS missile to target the Donetsk Regional Police Administration building.

Ukrainian men being kidnapped off the street, and under threat of death, sent to kill and die for NATO objectives… Everyone supporting the Zelensky regime supports this:

When the potential cannon fodder fights back. People are getting really fed up with these Nazi’s.

The Sun falsely reported that the tank being destroyed by this “Lancet” loitering munition strike, was a Russian tank. But it is in fact a German-made “Leopard 2” tank.

This is a must watch!

A solitary Russian tank takes on & obliterates a whole Ukrainian convoy with 2 tanks, 4 Kazak APCs and 4 Marder IFVs.
The drone spotters & everyone else were freaking out, the tank driver was like ‘hold my beer, I got this’ & just got down to business.
“Rambo, he doesn’t give a fuck”
The aftermath from different angles:

Just in…via Chuck Callesto

A captured Ukrainian lies to Russian forces, denied being trained abroad…

Russian soldier shows him a Ukrainian video of himself training in another country.

Ukrainian soldier then admits he trained abroad.

A Ukrainian woman who had to flee Ukraine appeals to her compatriots, who seem content with the conflict.
“Behind your anger, hatred and Nazism towards everything Russian, you have lost your humanity!”
NATO are nothing more than practicing terrorists, criminals, coup plotters, genocidalists, Nazis and colonialists from its foundation (in 1949) until today:
    • 1953. Coup attempt in the German Democratic Republic (GDR)
    • 1956. Coup attempt in Hungary
    • 1961. Attempted invasion and annexation of the GDR to the FRG
    • 1967. Coup in Greece (by the “colonels”)
    • 1968. Attempted coup in Czechoslovakia
    • 1968-1990. Gladio Terrorism in Europe
    • 1991. Bombing of civilians in Yugoslavia
    • 2001. Invasion of Afghanistan (+30 thousand civilians killed)
    • 2003. Invasion of Iraq (1.5 million dead)
    • 2011. Bombing of Libya (thousands of civilian deaths)
    • 2012. Military support for terrorists in Syria
    • 2022. Military support for the Nazi regime in Ukraine
Make no mistake, NATO is the largest threat in the world.
NATO is not unlike a mafia ‘protection’ racket.
NATO is a military alliance that feeds on war.
NATO will always require an ‘enemy’, to justify it’s existence.
We’re now paying the price for NATO’s myopia & arrogance. Until NATO is gone, there will be NO peace in the World.

The Ukrainian National Guard in Kherson received an order to set up roadblocks. They must deliver all males caught to the SBU and kill anyone who tries to resist. This is something the western mainstream media should be telling you, but do not.

More to come…

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