So, what the hell is going on?

All western governments, including ours, are no longer loyal to their own countries, they’re loyal to each other, loyal to Globalism. They believe their job is not to prioritise the interests of their own populations but to balance those interests against the interests of others. Nationhood is vilified while the borderless, Stateless ‘utopia’ espoused by International Communism is promoted, believing people won’t realise provided they refer to it by a different name.

This is why so much resource was wielded against Brexit, then Trump; both threw a huge spanner into the workings of their plans. Now they’ll go after Musk in case he opens up Twitter to free speech. They despise national sovereignty and hold democracy in contempt, valuing instead the Authoritarian teachings of so-called ‘Stakeholder Capitalism.’

In 1932, Adolf A. Berle & Gardiner C. Means wrote ‘The Modern Corporation and Private Property’ – the genesis of the Stakeholder Capitalism and ESG that’s championed today by the WEF –  in which they rejected the idea that a company’s primary duty is to its shareholders, instead concluding that the shareholders of a publicly listed company do not truly own it, therefore a Manager should operate the company for the benefit of ‘all stakeholders,’ instead of prioritising the interests of the shareholders.

This concept is exactly what’s being mirrored inside National governments. We participate in supposedly democratic exercises, then any politician looking serious about prioritising their electorate gets smeared and forced out, to be replaced with Globalists who will disregard the wishes of their electorate and instead embrace the Globalist agenda.

This is why Theresa May signed us up to the UN Compact on Global Migration in 2018, after we made it perfectly clear we wanted uncontrolled immigration stopped.

Now, unelected men who the public comprehensively rejected, are increasing the tax burden on the British workforce in order to fund other countries.

Work harder, other countries need your money.

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To truly understand the “why” behind all the self destructive decisions made by governments world over, you should read Schwabs ‘COVID-19: The Great Reset’. It reads like a bag of shite but it is better to know than to not. A link to my article about the not so ‘Great Reset’ can be found at the bottom of this page. To learn more about the creation of the World Economic Forum, see this post.

Now that Rishi ‘snake’ Sunak & Jeremy ‘groucho club’ Hunt have settled into their undemocratically acquired positions of control within the UK government, we’ll soon bare witness to brazen & traitorous actions by them both. 

I will start with the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration that Sunak has just signed us up to, along with many others. Available here.

Key points from the Declaration:

The World Health Organization (WHO) will decide what ‘qualifies’ as a ‘pandemic.’

The World Health Organization (WHO) can over-rule our elected leaders.

Global leaders will collaborate to dictate YOUR freedom.

Vaccine passports will be adopted to “facilitate” all international travel. This means any vaccines the WHO determines you should have.

Changing your rights & freedoms forever.

All connected by digital ID.

The clip below is from GB news.

“The implication is if you don’t have your electronic vaccine certificate on your phone, then you won’t be able to leave your home. It’s very sinister.”

Jeremy Hunt didn’t tell you this but its in the OBR documents setting out the full detail, he plans to raid motorists for £5.7 bn next year by raising tax on petrol and diesel by around 12 pence a litre.

Jeremy Hunt has also said that the current immigration levels are nowhere near enough and we will require MUCH MORE immigration to help the economy. Yet, every day thousands are coming in illegally, to then be put up in 4 star hotels all over England. Utterly Disgusting!

This is a great monolog by Neil Oliver on GBNews.

“What will it take, I ask, before the rest of this country awakens to the realisation that we are being had, being played, taken for fools?”

Chairman of the ECR Group, Prof Ryszard Legutko, took the floor during the Europarl_EN’s #70th Anniversary commemoration to highlight the shortcomings of so-called European democracy.

This, of course is because it has been hijacked by the EU, which is nothing but a point of control for the globalists & the Reich, not unlike the UN, WHO, NATO or the WEF.

Medical Records no longer private!

Your Data; medical records, DNA, diet, purchases, where & how often you travel, is all becoming part of your carbon footprint, the new valuable commodity.


No matter what party gets in, this green shit is forced upon us. Key word from this disastrous report is ‘REGULATE’, the meat you eat, where you drive, what you spend your own money on.


The EU are starting to let slip, showing us their inner Nazi, as they seek to outlaw any cash transaction over €10,000—which at the current rate of inflation will probably buy you half a shawarma in a decade. They’re claiming this is to protect you. To protect you! Tyrants always use the same ‘justification’, “its for your safety & protection”

Just 2 years ago, anyone that suggested the powers that be want to introduce a global ‘Digital ID’, were again branded a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Now this…


more to come…

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