People were scammed into believing there was a deadly virus; when the only evidence of it was on mainstream media.

People were scammed into masking two-year-old’s; shutting down schools; and damaging their children physically & psychologically.

People were scammed into believing in a fake test, and subjecting their children to this invasive & uncomfortable procedure; for as little as a sniffle at day-care.

People were scammed into believing that healthy people were asymptomatic carriers of disease.

People were scammed into believing therapeutics had to be banned; & they needed to wait until they were deathly ill to go to a hospital—many were killed by the Fauci protocol & government healthcare legislation.

People were scammed into believing the world had to be shut down; economies & livelihoods destroyed, millions impoverished—while politicians & their buddies got richer.

People were scammed into believing that it was safe to shop in big box stores; but local stores had to shut their doors—or face massive fines and jail time.

People were scammed into believing that printing trillions of dollars WOULD NOT drive inflation through the roof; even though that is the definition of inflation.

People were scammed into believing that natural immunity was no good; & that pharma (known criminal organizations) had the solution in the form of an experimental DNA-altering poison; that previously had killed all animals in animal studies.

People were scammed into believing they had to give an experimental poison to their children to save their lives—from a virus that posed no threat to children (the only threat being from injected poisons).

People were scammed into believing the most ridiculous ideas presented on mainstream media—heart disease in children is normal; people (including elite athletes) dropping dead in large numbers is normal—even though their own life-experience told them otherwise.

People were scammed into believing that Covid-19 (NOT the mass injections beginning Dec 2020) is causing all manner of nightmarish health problems; including Sudden Deaths by the boatload—aggressive cancers—liver failure—blood clots—uncontrolled bleeding, etc. etc.— and NOT the death jabs that Pfizer stated could cause all of those things. Those problems didn’t occur in 2020 during the worst of the “pandemic” or any time prior to the Mass mRNA Vaxx Program.

People were scammed into believing that politicians can save them; the same politicians who are destroying everything near & dear—including their children! The same politicians that are chosen by the Bilderberg Group (since 1954/see video).

People were/are scammed into believing that ordinary concerned citizens that see through the charade & speak out against the unjust actions of our governments, are racists, anti-Semitics, far-right, anti vaxxers or conspiracy theorists.

People still refuse to believe that governments and their masters want all of the money; all of the land, all of the CONTROL—all of everything—in spite of being told by those very elites—that’s what they want (see video)! Already cities in Canada & the UK are setting up restricted travel zones. Quarantine camps have been set up. Land is being seized; using climate as an excuse. This will limit food supplies, and could lead to mass starvation. People are already being ravaged by inflation. Digital Currency & Digital / Medical IDs are being readied for implementation—the Ultimate Control Tools!

BILDERBERG Meetings Have Been Choosing World Leaders Since Its Inception In 1954 / The Truth of the Pandemic (2022)

Governments Worldwide Are Attacking Their Own Citizens with An Injectable Bioweapon. Features Well-Known Independent Journalist LARA LOGAN!

Freedom is NOT granted to us by government, they have NO right to limit or remove it from any one of us!

We are all born free & we are all born equal!

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