The Truth about Ukraine & Russia cont.

This is a continuation of article “The Truth About Ukraine”

A short video I put together that proves the mainstream media is lying about Ukraine.


It’s just Ukraine’s head of the Armed Forces wearing a diamond swastika bracelet.

This next one is great, they took a liberal anti-war protestor to Donbas in Ukraine to show them the truth of what is happening out there.

Some Ukrainian border guards explain why they refuse to participate in the hostilities.

Nothing to see here, just little Nazi Zelenskyy calling for nuclear war.

‘What should NATO do? They can use nuclear weapons on Russia…We need to launch preemptive strikes so that they know what will happen to them if they [Russia] use it’.

Lights, camera & action.

A professional Ukrainian film crew shooting war propaganda in Gostomel.

Article – Ukrainian Nazis Burned 50,000 Tons of Grain in Mariupol

And the video below supports that article.

The translation:

“Today we were in the Mariupol port, where grain is stored.
I saw with my own eyes thousands of tons of corn and wheat, which were burned by the Ukrainian Nazis during the retreat.

About 50 thousand tons of grain is now unsuitable for use by people and animals.”

Here Zelensky confirms that they intend to shell the Zaporozhizha Nuclear Power Plant.

And still try and blame Russia, despite this video.

What a nutcase!

Ever wondered what all that money being given to Ukraine pays for? And why they always need more of it?

Here is a Ukrainian MP enjoying a bit of it with hookers on a yacht in Dubai.

Despite all the evidence, many people are still in denial regarding the Bio-labs in Ukraine.

Previous Bio-lab related articles:

The Pentagon Bio Weapons – Ukraine

What do secret U.S. Bio-laboratories do in Ukraine?

Introducing, Russian podcast prankster duo “Vovan & Lexus” as they interview former US President George W. Bush, who was pranked into confirming everything the Russians are saying about the Bio-labs in Ukraine, the US-backed color revolution in Georgia through Mikheil Saakashvili and more.

When telling the truth becomes a crime, revolution becomes duty.

Anne-Laure Bonnel, a French war reporter currently in Donbass, exposes the bitter truth about the conflict in Ukraine. The Ukrainian army are shelling/bombing their own people, the war has been ongoing for the last 8 years and the Ukrainian civilians are happy that Putin has intervened in an effort to stop the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The Truth on Ukraine – The Unholy Trinity

After the siege of Azovstal in Mariupol, the surrendered Ukrainian militants go through a filtration process to identify the war criminals and Nazis by their tattoos.


Myrotvorets – is an internet based hit list where Ukrainian neo-Nazies share information about their targets, and it appears to be located on NATO servers.

An attempt to take out Aleksander Dugin was made a couple of days ago, it appears that they killed his daughter Daria Platonova instead. Aleksander Dugin’s name is on the list.

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters, who has spoken up against the Ukraine ‘narrative’ is also named on the list. 

Russia has repeatedly appealed to the UN Secretary General in an effort to get the site shut down.

In 2019, 40 House Democrats signed a letter asking the U.S. State Department to designate Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion as a terrorist organization.

My 1st thought when I found that out was “Democrats? Don’t they realize that they’re funded by the same people that fund Azov?”


Recent NATO Defense College analysis shows that for 15 years Russia invested in DEFENCE and not in offensive capability, which means The Deep State narrative that Russia aims to recreate Soviet Union is fake.

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